Ellogon License Guidelines - FAQ

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1. What license is Ellogon released under?

Ellogon is released under the GNU LGPL. A copy of this is included with your copy of Ellogon and can also be found at http://www.fsf.org/licenses/lgpl.html. Unofficial translations can also be found at http://www.fsf.org/licenses/translations.html.

2. Who owns the copyright to Ellogon?

The copyright to Ellogon is held by Georgios Petrou Petasis. Georgios Petrou Petasis is the original author of Ellogon and continues to actively support the project.

3. Are there any restrictions to your use of Ellogon?

The GNU LGPL grants you the freedom to use the software for whatever purpose you see fit.

4. May I charge money for Ellogon?

The LGPL allows everyone the freedom to do this. The right to charge money to distribute Ellogon is part of the definition of "free" software.

When people think of "selling software'', they usually imagine doing it the way most companies do it: making the software proprietary rather than free. So to avoid ambiguity you may charge to distribute the software and any other service you provide along the way. You may not charge for the software itself.

Remember if someone pays your fee the LGPL also gives him or her the freedom to pass on Ellogon with or without a fee.

6. May I remove the "copyright" statements from the source code to Ellogon?

No, you must keep all copyright notices and credits in the source code.

7. Does the LGPL mean that my components developed for Ellogon are also LGPL?

No. The copyright and license of Ellogon does not cover the components that you create. Using Ellogon does not place any restrictions, legally, on the license or copyright you use for the components you have created.

8. I have modified Ellogon. Do I have to release these modifications?

The LGPL permits anyone to make a modified version for their own use without the requirement to distribute it or pass on those changes to others. You cannot however distribute modified versions of Ellogon. If you want to incorporate these modifications into Ellogon, you should report your modifications to the copyright holders. However, if your modifications do not modify Ellogon, and Ellogon can be replaced with a newer version in software you distribute and your software can still work, then you can distribute your modifications.

9. I have made a modification (hack) to the Ellogon core code. Do I have to release it under the LGPL?

If you chose to distribute your modifications to others it must be released under the same terms that you received the original code. So your modifications must be released under the LGPL. You may of course in this case modify the headers for the source code to include your own copyright statement. If you do so you must clearly annotate in the source code your amendments, changes or additions. It is also a good idea to notify the original copyright holder about these modifications.

10. I have written a Component, Module, Template for Ellogon. Do I have to release it under the LGPL?

No . The LGPL allows you to write your own extensions for Ellogon and to release those extensions under whatever license you chose.

11. I have written a Component, Module, Template for Ellogon and released it under the LGPL and I charge a fee for it, but website X is giving it away for free.

If someone pays your fee the LGPL also gives him or her the freedom to pass on the software with or without a fee. Placing a restriction on someone's use of LGPL licensed software is in breach of the LGPL itself.

12. May I purchase a copy of Ellogon, which has the copyright statements removed or uses a different license?

Although LGPL does not significantly limit the usage of Ellogon and there is little need for such a request, Yes, you can purchase a copy of Ellogon under a different license from the copyright holders.

13. I believe person A is in breach of the LGPL what should I do?

You should report it. First check all the facts that you can and then report it by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

14. Who has the power to enforce the GNU LGPL license of Ellogon?

Only the copyright holder, Georgios Petrou Petasis, has the power to do this. If the Ellogon Development Team finds, or is made aware of, a breach of the LGPL they will take any necessary action.


This document refers to the software program Ellogon Version 1.x and all subsequent versions, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License and copyright Georgios Petrou Petasis.

This document is subject to additions, modifications and other changes at any time without notice.

A lawyer has not prepared this document. You should consult a lawyer experienced in copyright, licensing and intellectual property for clarification.

Document Rev. 1.0 - 16th February 2005