Stand-alone Annotation Tool

An easy way to use the annotation facilities offered by Ellogon, without the need to install and use Ellogon, is through the stand-alone annotation tool. This stand-alone annotation tool wraps all the needed Ellogon components into a single executable, which requires no installation: the user (i.e. the annotator) simply downloads and runs the tool.

The tool supports various configurations:

  • Autonomous annotation: the tool stores corpora and annotations localy, in the computer used to run the tool. Usually this is the prefered mode if a single annotator needs to annotate a corpus.
  • Collaborative annotation: the tool stores both corpora and annotations on a remote database server (such as mysql or postgres). Multiple annotators can annotate the same corpus.

The tool can be downloaded from here: Annotation Tool version 1.0.0

The above link contains binaries for both windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1), Linux (64 bit) and OSX (Mountain Lion +).

How to configure the Annotation Tool

The annotation tool contains configuration information, which has been embedded during the creation of the executable file. In order to create specialised executables that contain configuration for your specific needs and annotation tasks, please contact the Ellogon authors.

Another way to override the default configuration, is to create a text file, with the name "init.ini", in the same directory as the executable of the tool.

In this configuration file various fields can be defined, which override the ones in the default configuration, contained inside the tool. The format is identical to windows "ini" files.A sample configuration file is:

WindowTitle=Ellogon Annotation Tool (demo)
; CollectionsHomeVariable=UserHomeDir
Scheme=english sentiment polarity {}