CROSSMARC: Cross-lingual multi-agent retail


The aim of CROSSMARC was to develop next-generation technology for electronic-retail product comparison, drawing on techniques from language engineering, machine learning and user modelling. I participated in the CROSSMARC project as a research associate from May 2002 to August 2003. My responsibility was to design and implement a cross-lingual and cross-thematic-domain named-entity recognition engine (NERC), based on various machine-learning techniques. The produced NERC engine has been successfully tested on all four languages (English, French, Greek and Italian), and three thematic domains (laptop advertisements, job offers and real-estate advertisements) of the project. The adaptation of the NERC engine to new languages/thematic domains was fully automated. The NERC engine was developed inside the Ellogon Language Engineering Platform, while some screenshots of the NERC engine can be found below.


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